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Reel!Cinemas, The Pointe

With  our  strong  competencies  in  delivering  unprecedented  entertainment  experiences  Emaar  Entertainment  LLC  is  further  expanding  the  Reel  Cinemas  footprint  through  strategic  partnership  with  Nakheel,  for  the  first  Dine?In  Cinema  with  a  five?screen  luxury  movie  and  entertainment  center  at  The  Pointe,  Palm  Jumeirah  Boutique.

Planned to open by Q1 2017, Reel Cinemas at The Pointe will feature  a movie theatre within a  restaurant and will offer an exceptional new  cinema experience with  the latest advances in audio?visual technology,  ergonomic seating and personalized service. The Dine?In Cinema will  offer  a  delectable  selection  of  culinary  delights that  will  enhance the  movie?going experience for all.

Reel Cinemas at The Pointe further adds on to the reputation of Emaar  Entertainment,  the  operator  of  the  country’s  busiest  cineplexes,  in  redefining the cinema experience in the UAE, with assets including the  largest flagship laser cineplex in the world.

Located at the tip of Palm Jumeirah across the bay from Atlantis The  Palm, The Pointe spans 1.4 million square feet and will feature dazzling  fountain shows, a 1.5 km promenade nearly 150 restaurants and retail  outlets for seafront dining, shopping and socializing. The  Pointe  will  be  accessible  via  The  Palm  Monorail,  which  is  connected to the Dubai Tram and Dubai Metro, and by boat from Palm  Jumeirah’s  growing  number  of  resorts.  There  is  also  a  car  park  with  1,600 spaces.